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Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Burlingame Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Burlingame

Photo Gallery: 2009 Photo Gallery: 2009

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The Shepherd (Ashton) approaching the baby Jesus
Viewed 889 times
Aimee holding Lucinda, a baby sheep
Viewed 896 times
Wonderful Children enjoying the Word of God
Viewed 862 times
Kayla & Helena
Viewed 899 times
The 2009 Christmas Pageant
Viewed 919 times
Pastor and his sheep
Viewed 903 times
Brendan (Joseph) Helena (Mary)
Viewed 946 times
Christmas Pageant
Viewed 986 times
Carole playing with Kayla & Torben
Viewed 945 times
The kids a gathering getting ready for the pageant
Viewed 922 times
Viewed 916 times
Bob & John his Father
Viewed 926 times
Emma & Joni
Viewed 915 times
Helena & Liesl
Viewed 951 times
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